I’ve got my tickets…… DO YOU!???!?


Can’t wait to go check out some amazing artists slinging acrylic paint in a twenty minute fine art frenzy!!



Speed Painting!

Tried it and loved it. Challenging myself to paint something, anything, no reference or planning at all made me nervous. I finish only a small percent of what I start – or at least that was a habit I am trying to rid myself of!! So telling myself I was going to start AND finish a painting in 45 minutes was aiming quite high.

Once I found some tunes from Tame Impala’s album “Innerspeaker” I felt the nerves begin to subside. I knew I couldn’t do anything realistic or involving humans without it taking years so I decided to paint more off of current feelings than anything else. I had just purchased some new standard acrylic paints from a local art supply wonderland and was dying to try them out even if it was 1:30 in the morning ….

Lately I’ve been feeling the negative effects that our cell phones and tablets bring to our lives. I can’t help but feel that the little red and green and orange and numbers and likes and shares is taking over us.

Of course as an artist I enjoy networking and sharing my work online among many other things you can only do on a device like this… But there are so many of us that JUST WON’T put them down, it’s upsetting!!

So, here is my first speed painting (I consider that speed, remember). Who knows, maybe I’m a candidate for the Ultimate Painting competition – then again, this could have been a fluke.