Project: Transparent and Opaque – Exercise: Opaque Colour Mixing


BA (hons) Degree Course in painting Level One - oca


Opaque Colour Mixing

Choose at least three of the washes you’ve painted (including the single colour ones) and attempt to recreate exactly the same colour, shade and tone of each of these in turn.  This time, though, you’ll be mixing colours by adding in white, making the paints opaque.

Overall, an interesting exercise, not to mention, mind bending and frustrating!  The single washes (along the top row), were not too bad, the simple addition of white instead of thinners to lighten the tones, worked fairly well, although, white also had to be added in a very small quantity to the darkest tone too.  Otherwise, particularly with the Sap Green and Deep Violet, it was too transparent a pigment. An observation, now that the swatches are completely dry, is that, although I painted very carefully, it does look haphazard and not smooth in the slightest.

Opaque colour mixing - acrylic on acrylic paper. Attempt at replicating previous exercises washes in tone, shade and colour with opaque mixes. Opaque colour mixing – acrylic on…

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